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Bond Safe Terms and Conditions
  • Realty Guru T/A Bond Safe does not take responsibility for any dispute resolution between the Bond Safe applicant, the Real Estate Agent, the Landlord or any other person or institution regarding the information in the Bond Safe application.
  • All information in the Bond Safe application is valid only from the date of the application. Applications should be updated every 12 months by the tenant.
  • Client or Landlord viewing of any Bond Safe application has a small fee and can be printed or stored in the Clients or Landlords account for future requirements.
  • Users can purchase individual Bond Safe applications or regular customers can purchase bundles for a reduced fee.
  • All bond Safe purchases are non refundable.
  • In the event of a power outage or disaster Realty Guru T/A Bond Safe is not responsible for any damages claim against the applicant. Bond Safe is a FREE service to all applicants.
  • The applicant gives permission for all data and images in the Bond Safe application to be used in the Data Guru app for historical back ground searches and remains the property of Bond Safe.
  • Realty Guru T/A Bond Safe has the right to delete any applications that have not been updated for more than 5 years. Realty Guru is not responsible for any applications that have not been updated within 5 years.
  • The information in the Bond Safe application cannot be used by any user other than for the security of the applicants deposit bond, any use of this information outside of this service will constitute a breach of Bond Safe’s Intellectual Property.

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